Study sessions for several MTH and STA classes:

Monday through Thursday, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM starting January 22.

Just drop in to the study session (no need to book ahead). You will register at the session.

Ready to book a tutoring appointment?

Study Session Schedule: 

MTH 105LThursday1:00Man 016Flora
MTH 105LThursday2:00Man 016Jali
MTH 105LThursday3:00Man 016Kiera
MTH 105LThursday4:00Man 016Alyssa
MTH 105LThursday5:00Man 016Autumn, Jali
MTH 105LFriday1:00Kirby 117Luke, Aariz
MTH 111Monday7-9 PMMan 124Lilah, Bryant
MTH 111Tuesday7-9 PMMan 124John, Boyang
MTH 111Wednesday7-9 PMMan 124John
MTH 111Thursday7-9 PMMan 124Hailey, Meghan
MTH 112Tuesday7-9 PMMan 125Japheth
MTH 112Thursday7-9 PMMan 125Jaxon, Lane
MTH 113Thursday7-9 PMMan 125J.C., Gabe
MTH 117Thursday7-9 PMKirby 120Mya, Flora
MTH 121Thursday7-9 PMKirby 120Andy, Cordell
MTH 205Tuesday7-9 PMMan 125Noah
MTH 214Thursday6-7 PMKirby 120Gabe
MTH 225Wednesday7-9 PMMan 125Jaxon
MTH 225Thursday7-9 PMKirby 101Shelby
MTH 253Wednesday6:30-7:30 PMMan 121Penelope
MTH 345Tuesday7-9 PMKirby 120Scarlett
MTH 355Thursday7-9 PMKirby 101Clare
MTH 357Tuesday7-9 PMMan 121*Melita, Steven
STA 111Monday7-9 PMMan 121Phillip
STA 111Tuesday7-9 PMMan 121*Dela
STA 111Wednesday7-9 PMMan 121Bukola
STA 111Thursday7-9 PMMan 121Kwame
STA 112Tuesday7-9 PMKirby 120Tara
STA 112Wednesday7-9 PMKirby 120Ray
STA 279Thursday7-8 PMMan 121Celine
STA 310Tuesday7-9 PMMan 121Melita, Steven
Manchester121 is not available on Tuesday, March 19. Replacement room Kirby 109